Looking for apartments in Las Vegas to rent is a time-consuming and occasionally anxiety inducing process. You’ll have countless options to choose from, many of which could be out of your budget. Regardless, the options you have can broadly be split into two different categories, you can choose between empty apartment options and fully furnished apartment options in the area.

The second of these can be well-recommended, as you wouldn’t need to go find furniture to use. You’ll have a lower upfront investment and don’t need to lug anything to the apartment, other than your essentials.

Even though some fully furnished apartments come at a larger price point, it will be worth it in the long run and give you some peace of mind when moving into a new space. The benefits are more than worth the rent you’ll pay for them, but that doesn’t mean you should just rent one straight away. You’ll need to ask these top 8, notable questions before renting a furnished apartment.

1. What Furniture is Included?

There’s a difference between furnished and fully furnished apartments, and you’ll need to be aware of this when you start your search for a home. Fully furnished apartments will have everything you need to live in them, leaving you with nothing extra to worry about prior to moving in.

Furnished apartments, on the other hand, might just have the basics, and you might need to pick up a few extra things before being comfortable in your new space. Make sure you know about this ahead of time. Ask what exact furniture is included before you agree to rent it in an effort to give yourself a heads-up about any potential expenses.

2. Can You Get a List of Furniture?

You’ll often get to see what the apartment looks like before you agree to rent it. In some cases, this will be a virtual apartment tour. When you’re doing this, make a mental checklist of all the furnishings you see. It’ll give you an accurate idea of what furniture you can expect to be there and what you might have to fund yourself.

At the same time, it could be worth getting a list of the furniture that’s included before you agree to rent it. An additional benefit of this comes when you’re moving out. With a list available prior to move in, you won’t accidentally take something that’s not yours after the fact.

3. Is There an Extra Security Deposit?

While you’ll often expect your security deposit to include everything, that isn’t always the case. Some companies separate the apartment deposit and the furniture deposit. Make sure you ask about this before agreeing to signing a lease. It’ll give you a better idea of how much you’ll have to pay upfront if you agree to rent it.

4. What Utilities are Included?

You’ll need to include this question no matter whether you’re looking at fully furnished apartments or empty ones. What utilities are included in the rental price, and which ones aren’t? You’ll need to make sure you can afford to live in the apartment, after all, so it helps to ask the question up front before going through any tours or application processes.

Since your utilities will be one of your largest recurring costs, it’s worth making sure you’re informed about them. Give yourself ease of mind and start making a budget sheet that includes all expenses so you are prepared to move into your new space comfortably.

5. Can You Choose Furnishings?

Most of the time, fully furnished apartments are a what-you-see is what-you-get. You can either like it or not, but you’ll be tied to the furniture and design of the furniture that’s already there. Sometimes, though, you’ll be given an option of which furniture you want in the apartment.

It’s often worth asking the management office about this ahead of time. In many cases, the estate agent will let you know about this and give you a choice of specific furnishings. While you wouldn’t be able to customize this too much, it can still be worth it.

6. Can Furniture Be Replaced?

While having furniture in the apartment before you rent it is great, it doesn’t mean you’ll want everything that’s there. If there’s anything you think you would like to replace, ask if this is possible ahead of time so you can truly see the pros and cons of each apartment complex before deciding upon the right one.

This is a great question to ask when you already have some furniture and want to bring it with you to the apartment. The management office or estate agent shouldn’t have a problem letting you replace some of the basics with what you might already have.

7. How Old is the Furniture?

The age of the furniture is one of the more notable factors you’ll need to consider. It could end up being older than you’d think, which often means it’s likely to create issues when you’re living there. You’ll want to be prepared for that, just in case.

Ask when the furniture was purchased to see if it’ll need to be replaced anytime soon. Even if it seems like it’s in good condition, it’s still something you should be aware of before agreeing to rent.

8. Are There Any Other Costs?

Asking about any additional costs is recommended no matter whether you’re going for fully furnished apartments or empty ones. You might be surprised by some of the hidden costs that could end up coming up. Application fees and similar expenses are some of the more notable of these.

While these extra costs could be relatively minor, they add up quickly, especially when you consider your monthly rent. Ask about them before signing anything so you know exactly what your full list of expenses will look like.

When you’re considering various Copper Creek apartments, you’ll find they can broadly be split into two categories. You can go for empty apartments, where you’ll need to buy your own furniture, and fully furnished apartments that already have everything you need. In Las Vegas, fully furnished options can be the better ones to go for, and they’ll offer more than a few benefits as you begin to move into your new home.

Don’t just be tempted by the fact they have plenty of furniture, however. Make sure you’re as informed about them as possible and ask all the right questions so you can make a proper decision when deciding on a new apartment.

Contact the Copper Creek leasing office today and learn more about our fully furnished suites available for rent.